Code of ethics

Kritica Magazine operates on a unique business model where it is completely free for users. This is made possible by the independent and specialized research carried out by our Editorial Experts. Despite having substantial running costs, our mission of helping book-loving consumers always comes first.

Our editorial stance remains independent from commercial objectives, and we only recommend books that we genuinely love. Kritica Magazine’s founding principles are still followed, and we strive to provide the best information to help book-lovers find their next favorite book, author, or series. Our recommendations are based on researching publishers’ programs, reading the books, and opinions from our team of Editorial Experts.

Books cannot pay to appear on our site without undergoing a strict process of qualification, review, and evaluation. We pride ourselves on our reputation as a trusted advisor to our loyal readers and always ensure that any content generating revenue does not impact our editorial stance. Our reviews are written purely from a subjective perspective, and commercial considerations do not affect our picks.

Personal data about individual users, including contact details, gathered while operating Kritica Magazine, will not be sold to third parties or used for unsolicited communications from other parts of the Kritica Magazine group.

In summary, Kritica Magazine’s Code of Ethics ensures that our editorial independence and mission to provide valuable information to book-lovers always prevails, and any financial considerations are made objectively and without compromising our stance.

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