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The Kritica Magazine domain and subdomains use cookies to collect information from users. Cookies are small text files that are often created when you visit a website and are stored in the cookie directory of your computer.

The information they collect is used to track visitors’ use of the website and to compile statistical reports on website activity so that we can use this data to improve the services provided, such as navigation or usability of our website.

Cookies do not harm your computer, nor do they provide personal information about users. But they help us to detect and solve programming problems.

At Kritica Magazine, we use several types of cookies:

  • Temporary cookies (so-called session cookies): they disappear when you leave our website and close your browser. We use these cookies mainly to analyze web traffic patterns and thereby optimize navigability.
  • Permanent cookies: they are stored on the hard disk for a certain period of time and the web reads them each time a new visit is made. We use this type of cookies to facilitate the purchase and registration services.
  • Required Cookies: this type of cookies are essential for the proper functioning of the web and proper navigation by the user. Without these cookies it is likely that the website will not load and therefore produce errors.
  • Functional cookies: these are cookies that ensure a more optimized browsing experience for the user. They are not essential, but they do ensure that users’ browsing data are stored.
  • Analytical cookies: these are cookies that allow us to collect web analytics data so that we can review performance and make corrections.
  • Advertising and Third-Party Cookies: these are cookies belonging to third parties such as social networks or advertising companies and serve to deliver content and advertisements tailored to the particular interests of users.

The information collected through the different cookies is stored by Kritica Magazine through the IP address, so no personal information is linked to it. In addition, the information collected by the cookies is limited to the use of Kritica Magazine and will not be used for unsolicited communications. You can set your browser to not accept cookies; however, in some cases, some of the functions of our website or even the navigability will not work properly. If you wish to disable cookies, you have to make the relevant settings in your browser. Please also note that in the case of private browsing, cookies are deleted after your visit and are not stored.

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