New Voices, New Perspectives: A Selection of Recent Debut Books [March 2023]

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As readers, we are always looking for fresh and exciting new voices in literature. The publishing world is full of promising debut authors, whose first works capture our attention and imagination. These debut authors bring a unique perspective and a fresh voice to the literary world, and their work often explores themes and issues that are relevant to our contemporary society. In this book list about debut books we will be featuring some of the most exciting debut books from recent months.

Go as a River
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Go as a River

In 1948, 17-year-old Victoria Nash is the sole woman running her family’s Colorado peach farm after WWII and a devastating car accident that killed her loved ones. When she meets Wil, an outcast despised for his skin color, Victoria defies social norms and follows her heart, embarking on a journey of self-discovery and unexpected paths. Told in first-person, Victoria’s character is tough, vulnerable, selfless, and resilient, making her a standout protagonist. Go as a River is a must-read book that captivates readers with its inspiring and heartwarming story.


Weyward is a haunting read that challenges readers with its powerful storytelling. While the writing is exceptional, it also creates a sense of unease that makes it even harder to read. The three main characters are forced to endure intense abuse at the hands of the men in their lives or community, representing the violent manifestations of misogyny. The fantasy elements of the book come from the fact that these women are witches connected to nature, with animals serving as their protectors and companions. Although not a major part of the story, magic is woven throughout this mix of historical and women’s fiction. Weyward may not be an easy or entertaining read, but its slow-paced narrative and compelling characters make it a deeply satisfying one.

The Golden Spoon
The Golden Spoon

To begin with, let’s clarify that The Golden Spoon is not your typical mystery novel. Although someone is killed, it’s not until you’re 80% into the book. Plus, the identity of the killer is revealed well before the last page. The story follows eight main characters – the judges and the six contestants of a baking competition – with each chapter narrated from a different character’s perspective. While this technique eliminates several potential suspects, it also falls short in making the characters fully fleshed out and interesting. Nonetheless, the book manages to be engaging with its plot-driven narrative, despite the flatness of the characters.

Pineapple Street
Pineapple Street

The opening of Pineapple Street seems like a promising satire on the wealthy elite in Brooklyn, akin to The Preppy Handbook or Bonfire of the Vanities. However, the humor soon fades, leaving a story about a group of privileged white people who get and keep everything they want. Surprisingly for Brooklyn, there are no Black or gay characters, and only a few Koreans. While the novel could have continued to satirize this vanilla world, the lack of tension makes it feel more like a notebook for a TV series than a novel. Despite this, with its high concept and whitewashed setting, it may still sell well.

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