Murder in the Family by Cara Hunter

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Cara Hunter, renowned British crime writer, presents her gripping American debut – an innovative thriller crafted as a true-crime documentary teleplay. Readers unravel the enigma, scrutinizing evidence, photos, and reports alongside a compelling narrative. The mysterious murder of Luke Ryder, the stepfather of filmmaker Guy Howard, remains unsolved, despite a riveting investigation. As a new streaming series, “Infamous,” revisits the case, shocking revelations surface. Hunter’s novel captivates true crime enthusiasts and discerning readers, challenging them to solve the puzzle before the experts. With a unique narrative style, it promises an original and suspenseful whodunit experience, earning praise from bestselling author Gilly MacMillan.

Book review of Murder in the Family

“Murder in the Family” offers a unique format, resembling a teleplay for a true crime documentary. While my copy was an uncorrected proof missing a few pages, the book still delivered an engaging narrative.

The story is structured as a compilation of various media, including emails, text messages, and press releases. This format added an element of intrigue and fast pacing. However, for those who don’t enjoy reading plays or script-like texts, this might not be the ideal choice.

The plot revolves around filmmaker Guy Howard’s mission to investigate his stepfather’s unsolved murder, involving his own family. As the story unfolds through text messages and discussions between Guy and his sisters, doubts arise, creating suspense.

“Murder in the Family” kept me guessing about the killer’s identity as I suspected various characters. The final article that concludes the story leaves some questions unanswered but is not dissatisfying. The narrative introduces a panel of six experts who reexamine the evidence, each with their own secrets and motives. This dynamic leads to unexpected plot twists, keeping the reader engaged.

While there are several characters in the book, deeper character development for some key players could have enriched the story. Nevertheless, the clever format and surprising twists compensate for this.

While the format is entertaining and engaging, it’s essential to note that readers must enjoy the experience of reading a teleplay script and various media elements. The novel primarily consists of the teleplay transcript, which might not appeal to everyone. Reading everything digitally might become tedious over time, making a hardcover copy a preferable choice.

Cara Hunter’s signature storytelling style, involving media and different perspectives, adds depth to the narrative. Her unique approach, this time told entirely through media, amplifies the pace and provides a real sense of the story.

Final verdict

In summary, “Murder in the Family” offers an innovative format that enhances the mystery’s intrigue. While character development could have been deeper, the book’s clever structure and unexpected twists make it a clever and entertaining read. Cara Hunter’s storytelling style continues to captivate readers, leaving them eager for more.

Our Score


  • “Murder in the Family” adopts a unique format, resembling a teleplay for a true crime documentary. This creative structure, incorporating various media elements, adds an engaging and immersive quality to the narrative.
  • The book’s format, including emails, text messages, and press releases, contributes to its fast-paced nature. It keeps readers engaged and eager to uncover the truth behind the unsolved murder.
  • The story introduces a panel of experts who reexamine the case, each with their own secrets and motives. This leads to unexpected plot twists that keep the reader guessing.


  • While the book features several characters, some of the key players lack in-depth character development. A deeper exploration of their backgrounds and motivations could have enriched the story.
  • Reading the entire book digitally, especially with the various media elements, might become tedious for some readers. A hardcover copy could provide a more comfortable reading experience.
  • Some readers may find that they can guess the identity of the killer early on in the story, potentially diminishing the suspense for them.
Murder in the FamilyPublisher ‏ : ‎ William Morrow Paperbacks
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