Top Thriller Books You Need to Read This March [2023]

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Welcome to our list of recent thriller books, March 2023 edition. This month’s selection is packed with heart-stopping suspense, spine-tingling twists, and unforgettable characters that will keep you on the edge of your seat. From domestic thrillers to psychological suspense, our list features some of the most anticipated releases of the year. So, whether you’re a die-hard thriller fan or looking for your next page-turner, we’ve got you covered. Get ready to immerse yourself in these gripping tales of murder, deception, and betrayal.

I Will Find You
1Our Pick
I Will Find You

I Will Find You will leave you on the edge of your seat! As a devoted reader of Mr. Coben’s previous 34 books, I can confidently say that this latest work is his best yet. The story centers around David Burroughs, a man serving life in prison for the murder of his three-year-old son, a crime he insists he didn’t commit. But when his sister-in-law produces a photo of a boy who looks just like David’s son, everything changes. What follows is a thrilling rollercoaster ride of action and suspense that will keep you hooked until the very last page. Don’t miss out on this gripping tale!

Time's Undoing
Time’s Undoing

Times Undoing is a gripping novel that tells the story of a young black man who died unjustly in the Jim Crow South, and his great granddaughter’s quest to uncover the truth. The book interweaves two compelling narratives, one set in the past and the other in the present, with vivid descriptions of characters, community, and food. The author, Head, masterfully balances the seriousness of the search for justice with the joys of friendship, romance, and community, leaving readers with a hopeful message about the power of coming together. I highly recommend this book for those who enjoy a well-paced, interlaced mystery with heart, memorable characters, and page-turning action.

What Have We Done
What Have We Done

This action-packed mystery thriller is a solid achievement, with every loose end resolved satisfactorily before the novel’s end. However, the frequent jumps between the three main characters and between the past and present at the group school felt a little too disjointed. Despite this, having previously read the author’s two other novels, I still consider them a “Must-Read” author. While this novel doesn’t quite reach the same level as the previous works, I am still eagerly anticipating future releases. Overall, I would rate this novel with four stars.

Birnam Wood
Birnam Wood

Birnam Wood is filled with accidents, deceptions, and cross-purposes, as the characters struggle to balance their ambitions with their morals. The story revolves around four main characters and two supporting roles, with Tony’s return to the group leading to a plot twist that makes for a thought-provoking and riveting read.

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